January 23, 2010

"If female viewers decided the fate of movies, who better to make movies than females? "

Believe it or not, that is a quote from the recent article "Alice's Wonderlands" in The Nation about the women in the early years of filmmaking. Apparently, women had a prominent role in the early 1900's in the nascent film industry.

Today, organizations like the Alliance of Women Directors and Women In Film compile statistics to see how many women filmmakers are actively working in the film industry each year.

This is always an interesting discussion with tons and tons of viewpoints. But the reason I'm posting it is to remind us how many lady filmmakers rock! Right now Kathryn Bigelow's 'Hurt Locker' is taking the critical world by storm, while female audiences for the 'Twilight' franchise and "The Blind Side" are making a permanent place in Box Office history.

All I'm saying is that 2010 seems like it will be a very good year.

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