November 30, 2009

Fan Girls Are the Future

So, there a few things are going on. First of all, the episode of "One Tree Hill" I shadow directed is airing tonight. I can't wait to see it on the small screen... with the commercials and everything. When I was out in Wilmington, North Carolina during production, I noticed something every time we shot a scene on location outside of the soundstage: Fan Girls. Out by the river at the basketball court? Fan Girls. At the remote beach house? Fan Girls. Downtown? Fan Girls. Rainy weather? Fan Girls with umbrellas. Devoted, disciplined, patient, keeping the series going seven seasons strong and counting.

And what's been going on this past week or so, making box office records with the release of New Moon, part of the Twilight franchise? Fan Girls. Everywhere. In line. Spending money. Making movie history. They seem to be a newly discovered, unstoppable force. And as I was watching the movie, noticing the carefully crafted money shots, I thought to myself, how cool that the filmmakers are going to such lengths, from the sweet main title opening to the elaborate visual effects action sequences, for the Fan Girls. It was all for them. And it's working.

So I'm thinking to myself, what if this catches on? I mean, if it really catches on? What if more stories need to be told and everyone wants to make something for the Fan Girls. What if more and more projects with awesome female characters get greenlit? What if production companies, studios, and networks realize that they need more qualified filmmaker Fan Girls to make stories for other Fan Girls?

You see what I'm getting at? Me likey.

:: bogna ::

UPDATE: It appears that CNN is onto this phenomenon as well! "Hey, Hollyood, the fangirls are calling"

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