June 25, 2008

Safari in the Summer? Oh yes.

I had the best summer solstice ever. The opening of SAFARI AMERICANA: SCENES OF DELIGHT packed the gallery at its peak last Saturday (here is a photo by TastyPiePhotography.com before the crowds gathered):
I was so happy to see my friends, some who I haven't seen for a while, come out and support me, willing to spend some time in a crowded white room with me on a hot summer LA night. What a great feeling! And it was fun to talk to people I just met. I loved everyone's interpretations and observations about my work, and I must have had the same empty water bottle in my hand for hours because I was on a roll fielding questions non-stop. And I absolutely loved it when people went over to the audio installation and got the courage to push the button that was there to tempt them (the name of that piece is Satisfaction, and it's okay to push the button, and I'm not telling what happens if you do).
I was quite excited that METROMIX had written an awesome article about my show, and I was thrilled to find out that ARTSCENE is running a preview article by Suvan Geer! It was also a blast to get to meet Peggy Fogelman, so brilliant, so sophisticated, and an absolute curatorial rockstar (you can thank Peggy for putting contemporary artists' work into The Getty Center...yeah, she's that great) only to find out that she helped select my show for the gallery! I am over the moon.
My show is up through July 18th if you haven't already checked it out. And please, if you can, do check it out. I am so happy to have this opportunity to share my work with you.

:: bogna ::

June 19, 2008

The Unveiling at Steve's

With my the opening of my show SAFARI AMERICANA: SCENES OF DELIGHT just a couple of days away, it was great to go to see Steve at Finishing Concepts and have a peek at my mounted photos. It felt like a reunion! Here is a pic of Steve unveiling my mounted print of Bronco just in time for the show.

It's funny, I think all roads lead to Steve when it comes to fine art photography finishing, and I think it's been that way for generations. And to think that I just stumbled upon him because I liked his work, only to find out that he owns THE place to go in Los Angeles to get fine art photography prints ready for the walls. As you might be able to see, Steve's space is awesome, and there are amazing photographs there (John Baldessari anyone?). So I have to give him a proper shoutout because he made my day. So Steve, if you are out there, you totally rock!

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June 15, 2008

NELA surprise

This weekend during an NELA art crawl on York Boulevard, artist/collector/store owner Clare Graham blew my mind. Part obsession for flea marts, part sincere journey to find an object's true gestalt, and part unbridled imagination, his work filled the space like an installation gone wild. That he can make such beautiful, complex, even entertaining forms out of singular repeating items such as bottle caps (or buttons, or yardsticks, or scrabble tiles) is truly impressive. I think we've all seen art, especially these days, made out of recycled materials that is a bit raw, unfinished, and proud of it, reminding us that the medium-formerly-known-as-trash is rebelliously enjoying its meteoric rise in social status while simultaneously smearing our noses in it. But Graham's work has a complex logic and clarity that to me defies the medium. What I mean is, I will never look at tin can tops the same way again.

This was just one of the many goodies I saw on the North East side of Los Angeles this weekend on one of the famous gallery tours led by Artist Quinton Bemiller.

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June 9, 2008

Having an Art Attack... and Loving It!

I am very excited to share this preview article of my upcoming solo show SAFARI AMERICANA: SCENES OF DELIGHT in METROMIX. Please enjoy!

Art attack: Arlene Bogna's 'Safari Americana'
By Kimberly Waid & Alie Ward, Metromix

Here is an excerpt:
"Photos from her new series, "Safari Americana: Scenes of Delight" pop off the paper with rich pigments and a gorgeous stillness. Exploring the very specific and bizarre theme of roadside animal effigies (fiberglass cows, anyone?), Bogna presents a show that’s hauntingly vintage in aesthetic but also an homage to modern, plasticine life."

You can read the entire article here.

I absolutely cannot wait for the show!

:: bogna ::

June 6, 2008

A Celebration of Directors Who Happen To Be Women

"A celebration of directors who happen to be women" happened at the DGA last night. That quote came from Penelope Spheeris, who moderated this event, still cool from the Dylan screening.

Except for some funny anecdotes about how some people saw a woman on set and asked her to get some coffee (even if she was the director), there really wasn't any whining. It was a celebration of storytellers who happen to be women, something every society needs.

And not just storytellers, but vital storytellers who have entertained us with high-concept mainstream action sequences populated with A-list talent and oodles of special effects, tv storytellers who have intrigued us, and indie storytellers who have changed lives. The panel included Catherine Hardwicke, Amy Heckerling, Lesli Linka Glatter, Mimi Leder, Kasi Lemmons, Angela Robinson, Arlene Sanford, Betty Thomas, with Penelope moderating. Quite frankly, the ladies rocked the house. And it was great to see the clips and realize how much great work there is out there already by so many women directors.

The message of the evening was, "we [women directors] have the stuff that you want, and you gotta come get it." And the second message of the evening was "when you do what you wanna do then good stuff happens."

Kudos to the DGA for doing this, and thanks to the Alliance of Women Directors who made it possible for members to attend.

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