April 17, 2010

"A Brighter Tomorrow"

Sometimes all you need is the sun, a camera, and a small group of dedicated nature lovers all in one beautiful place.

A couple of Sundays ago, by 3 am we were all up, and by 4 am we were carpooling together to the badlands just outside of Los Angeles, California. Why? Because the wildflowers were in full spring bloom, and we wanted to catch the sunrise. With a camera. And 2 wonderful actors.

It was the chance to do something special for SunChips by making an ad for Current TV. Oh, and Al Gore would see it. In other words, it was an opportunity we couldn't resist.

We wanted to film a story about a young couple taking...well, never mind. It's all backstory anyway. Come check out the spot and see what a small group of dedicated film and nature lovers came up with.

And here's a pic of us. We were surrounded by wildflowers in every direction. Mother Nature was definitely in full effect.

If Al Gore calls, we're ready.

:: bogna ::

April 1, 2010

4 More! "Sparkly Count"

Speaking of sparklies, here's some more fun news:

Beauty World, the commercial for Almay Pure Blends directed by Arlene Bogna & produced by Vista Point Pictures, has won an Aurora Award, a Davey Award, an Accolade Award, and a Remi Award.

A Big Congrats to Cast & Crew!

For more information & credits click here, or you can watch the winning spot here.

:: bogna ::