September 2, 2009

What is going on in LA?

For a few days I actually got used to waking up to a smoky mushroom cloud looming over the city. Like a moth to a flame I had to drive towards it, just looking at it, hypnotized. I had never seen anything like it. Then a couple of days ago the cloud turned into a thick haze weighing over the city tinting our sun orange and thickening our air, and I knew an online interactive fire map was just not going to do it for me anymore. I headed to Tujunga.

What I saw was an impressive display of firefighting. Helicopters methodically dropping water over the flames. Plumes of smoke turning black then white then black again. The mountains I had hiked were unrecognizable, charred and bald, but the sight of destruction was offset by the feeling of community I felt with the locals and onlookers. There was a feeling of gratitude for the firefighters. They are true rockstar heroes if you ask me.

And it's still going on. 220 square miles and counting, the Station Fire of 2009 is the biggest fire in LA history since 1897.

LA Firefighters are the best

I do realize there were many firefighters collaborating on this. I saw trucks from Los Angeles, Ventura, even Sonoma.

Sun Reflection

This is the reflection of the hazy orange sun on my ash-covered black car door.

Smoke Cloud over LA

This was what greeted Angelenos during the first few days of the fire.

And here's a bit of odd movie trivia: E.T.'s house almost burned down too.

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