August 9, 2009

Inglourious Basterds: Now That's a Movie!

Okay, I'm no film critic, I just love movies. I mean, I really love movies. I could live in my own private film festival (and have for specific stretches of time). I'll see anything from an arthouse indie specialty film to the tentpole CG blitzkreig popcorn movie event, and I'll enjoy it. Even if it's not perfect. But when I feel the hand of a master filmmaker in every nuance, I enjoy it even more.

This weekend, thanks to a lovely and talented thespian friend of mine, I got to see an advance screening of Quentin Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. I was eager to go, since I'm a fan of his work and - I'll admit it - I was intrigued by the mixed reviews he got in Cannes. But within the first few seconds I felt the unmistakable deft skills of a master filmmaker. And that was something that continued throughout the entire movie. Every spot-on performance, every gorgeous shot, every moment telling a story (and the story-within-the-story). In its essence, this film is made by someone who loves movies for other people who love movies.

And it seems like only yesterday Quentin broke out as a writer with TRUE ROMANCE, or announced his presence on the director scene with RESERVOIR DOGS, or won an Oscar for PULP FICTION. Okay, he's no newbie, but still, his craft feels ripe now. It's pretty cool actually. And it's nice we have a real American Auteur in our times!

So forget the haters and run out to get some cinema when Inglourious Basterds comes out.

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Brian said...

I've gotta see it! Thanks for the review.