February 11, 2010

"Sex Change: The Rise of the Female-Driven Blockbuster"

I love that title. And it's the title of a new article in The Wrap. I didn't realize that since November "every number-one movie not called "Avatar" has been a chick flick." But I think what's also happening here is that the "chick flick" is being redefined. For example, the upcoming action thriller SALT starring Angelina Jolie in the lead, which looks like a cross between The Fugitive and The Bourne Identity but starring a chick (finally!), that's the new chick flick.

Here is an excerpt:

Indeed, the lightly regarded chick flick seems to have given way to a new box-office force: the female-driven tentpole.
And it's not that there is some big new trend of more women going to the movies. Rather, said Vinny Bruzzese, executive vice president of the motion-picture group for research firm OTX, the over-performance among women for certain films shows that “studios are catching on that you have to make the movie for someone. Movies that are for a specific audience tend to overperform.”

Martha Lauzen, executive director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University, concurred. “Women are just as likely to go to the movies as men,” she told CNN, right after the huge premiere of “The Blind Side.” Instead, she noted, studios are making more movies now that accurately reflect women’s experiences and interests.

Ever since I saw Thelma and Louise, I had hoped to be part of something in Hollywood where more quality films with complex female roles, roles I could relate to, would exist. Is it finally happening before my very eyes?

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