June 1, 2009

Word of the Day: Faux-portunity

I think I coined a new term: "faux-portunity."

It's the word 'faux' plus the word 'opportunity.' It's something frequently presented to emerging writers / artists / filmmakers. It's presented kinda like an opportunity, but there's always a catch, which is usually a demand for something you're not really comfortable doing, which would usually require great effort and commitment on your part, and would really only serve to make the other person look good (and probably momentarily at that). Oh, and you can't get the opportunity part unless you agree to the catch, so it's basically a hustle. Usually a faux-portunity is followed by a hyped-up promise that can never be delivered. In other words, it's a complete waste of your time, and time is the most valuable thing you have as an artist. My theory is that a real opportunity will not have a catch. And of course there are great opportunities out there that are disguised as modest, under-hyped experiences that yield great rewards. And you may have to work really really hard for them. But just keep your eyes open for the real, and for the faux.

That's it, I'm calling Merriam-Webster, or at least Urban Dictionary.

UPDATE: I did it! Check out faux-portunity in the Urban Dictionary!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahaha! i love it! yeah, danger will rogers, faux-portunities may be lurking... but so may "real-pas" or would that be "pretty-pas" or "fabulous-pas"? That would be: great steps down the path of opportunity.

touche, Arlene!

xox, nicole