April 15, 2009

The World Is Now Ready For Strong Heroines

One of my favorite directors/visionaries Chris Cunningham has directed a beautiful commercial for Gucci's Flora with Australian model Abbey Lee.

I'm totally inspired by this, and coincidentally since I just shot a Beauty Ad (more on that later) I've definitely been thinking about the notions of capturing the beauty and the power of the feminine on camera.

I love this quote from Riccardo Ruini, who developed the concept with Frida Giannini and Chris Cunningham:

“Foremost in our minds was a desire to avoid the heroine being perceived as passive or dreamy. We wanted to portray the female as an active character who brings to life in an active way the Flora personality by controlling the nature around her. We also felt it was important to demonstrate a movement of the female from mademoiselle to empowered woman; a woman initially delicate and feminine transforming into someone stronger and more powerful. “

See? It's time. Gucci is never wrong.

More on this at Dazed Digital.

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stevehamlin said...

Hey that is very good. I like it. Congratulations. Amma has even said that the only hope for the world is for women to take more power, and not allow themselves to be any longer victimized by men. Also Yogananda said that we are coming into an era when we will see women taking more political power, more active roles in society. Apparently, this male-domination thing is just a relic of the dark ages. Amma says in ancient India, women were priests; today the orthodox hindu priests consider that extremely unthinkable. Amma is even building her own temples and installing women priests.