March 14, 2009

Is something hitting the fan?

An article just came out called "Cracking Hollywood's celluloid ceiling" in which Charlize Theron is interviewed as a female filmmaker. I found out about it on a message board from the Alliance of Women Directors, and the timing is perfect, because the industry stats for 2008 are coming out. It seems like no one really wants to address this issue or even knows how to talk about it yet without yelling or whispering. Everything is still so reactionary. You're either a hardcore scary feminist if you find those statistics even a little disappointing, or you are automatically an Uncle Tom if you don't want to rock the boat, bite the hand that feeds you, or if you just choose not to focus on stats. In other words, you can't win, can you?
But I do think it's actually a fascinating aspect of our modern culture. Storytelling itself is a universal impulse, free of gender or race considerations. In other words, it is a totally human impulse. Translating that into a profession is another thing entirely of course, but the impulse itself is pure and available to everybody. Staying connected to that I think is the most important thing in modern times, especially as the coming tech boom engulfs us. And the more screens we have, the more good stories we are going to need in order to feel human.

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Judy said...

Hey, Arlene
See Melissa's Silverstein's
She talks about this subject every day. Rock on.