April 18, 2008

Fancy Cat Wrangling on the Neutrogena Set

There are many ways to start off one's morning: a coffee and a newspaper, a morning jog, and cat wrangling.
Today I chose cat wrangling. And as a result, you might see the adorable face of my cat B.C. in the upcoming PSA spot for Neutrogena starring Malin Akerman, directed by Theresa Wingert and produced by Anthony Ferranti.
First of all, Theresa is an accomplished commercial director who runs a great set, and I was happy to meet her. Second of all, I was flattered that she was excited to employ the talents of my cat. Because if there is any cat that deserves a beauty shot, it's B.C.. He has the perfect palette, the whites and beiges of his soft silky fur surrounding his cute ice blue eyes. I have actually bought furniture just to match him so that he looks good when he is lounging around. The set at Smashbox Studios had a similar neutral palette, with a soft light coming from a window sheer in the background. I sat on the ground near David Darby, the ultra-talented DP, and I tried to inspire B.C. to throw some good looks over by cooing and cat calling, tapping the ground to get his attention, and petting him in between takes.
I can't wait to see how B.C. looks in the spot. He did have a little bit of stage fright (understandable I suppose, it was his first time on a set), he did meow a lot, and I did have to keep running after him and getting him out of trouble, but hopefully he was able to give that second of cat beauty they wanted for the spot.
So the next time you think of beauty, softness, and luxury, remember to think of B.C., who symbolizes it all.

:: bogna ::

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stevehamlin said...

Having just taken care of a neighbors cat for 3 weeks, I can sympathize. Betcha a nickel your cat KNEW she was "on camera" what do you think?